Glyndael Chronicles (HackMB)

Session Eighteen

New Night Part 1: Sewer investigations lead to dwarves and demons…

Outline Recap 18Full Recap 18

Session Seventeen

Sailing the Ocean Part 2: Arriving to New Night

Outline Recap 17Full Recap 17

Session Sixteen

Sailing the Ocean Part 1: Attacked by Pirates! A Drowning!

Outline Recap 16Full Recap 16

Session Fifteen

Farm Investigation Part 2: Undead, Insects, and Amateurs

Outline Recap 15Full Recap 15

Session Fourteen

Farm Investigation Part 1: WTF happened in Scarsdael?!?

Outline Recap 14Full Recap 14

Session Thirteen

Glyndael Invastion Part 2: Invasion clean-up with a little tavern gossip

Outline Recap 13Full Recap 13

Session Twelve

Glyndael Invasion Part 1: Insect Invasion and the Portal Sabotage

Outline Recap 12Full Recap 12

Session Eleven

The Festival Part 3: Closing ceremonies interrupted by invasion

Outline Recap 11Full Recap 11

Session Ten

The Festival Part 2: Long summer days at the festival

Outline Recap 10Full Recap 10

Session Nine

The Festival Part 1: The festival has begun!

Outline Recap 9Full Recap 9


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