Glyndael Chronicles (HackMB)

Session One

The Ale Cart Part 1: Welcome to the bustling town of Glyndael!

Outline Recap 1Full Recap 1

Session Two

The Ale Cart Part 2: Into the forest we go, hi ho . . .

Outline Recap 2Full Recap 2

Session Three

Haunted House Part 1: “I bet this haunted house mission will be easier than escorting that cursed ale cart.”

Outline Recap 3Full Recap 3

Session Four

Haunted House Part 2: It’s always difficult to face yourself in the morning.

Outline Recap 4Full Recap 4

Session Five

Haunted House Part 3: And they boldly step through the secret portal . . .

Outline Recap 5Full Recap 5

Session Six

Haunted House Part 4: How did we end up in this desert?

Outline Recap 6Full Recap 6

Session Seven

Haunted House Part 5: The grand desert escape, returning from the portal

Outline Recap 7Full Recap 7

Session Eight

The Elven Poet Part 1: Easy! All we have to do is deliver a package to the Poet. Where does he live again?

Outline Recap 8Full Recap 8

Session Nine

The Festival Part 1: The festival has begun!

Outline Recap 9Full Recap 9

Session Ten

The Festival Part 2: Long summer days at the festival

Outline Recap 10Full Recap 10


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