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  • Lyle the Poet

    An Elven poet of local legend. Resides somewhere in the forest between Glyndael and Crystal Bay. His voice is like perfect harmonic music and when he speaks, people are drawn to him like moths to flame. He has been a bit of a recluse for the past four …

  • Geb aka "Puppet Man"

    Geb is a common figure in Glyndael. He is a street performer who is regularly doing puppet shows along with small-time illusionist performances. He is a bit shabby and lives in a tent in the woods north of town, but is a favorite among children.

  • Mah'ahk

    This famous painter brings the wealthy from far and wide into Glyndael, to have personal work produced for them. He can be aloof towards his clients, but is warm towards the locals and is well-respected about town. He arrived mysteriously almost a …

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