Glyndael is the major crossroads trading town centered in the Ring of Fertility. It is the closest population center outside of the capitol city of Crystal Bay; one day by single horse, two days via horse-drawn caravan, three to four days via foot. There is rumor of a new transportation system being put in place that would connect these communities with only a 6-hour ride, but that is still in it’s planning stage.

There are over 3000 permanent citizens of Glyndael. The town is Lawful Neutral in character, but is known to also have a friendly and compassionate nature. The civic government is run by an elected town committee, which then appoints a mayor. There does exist a “noble” class of citizens, but they are not powerful in the day-to-day operations of the community.

Financially, Glyndael has a lot of money flow through it, as it is a major trading stopping point between Crystal Bay, with its seaport trade, to the rest of the country. In return, most of the food that feeds the capitol flows between the Ring of Fertility up to Crystal Bay.

Laws are the most important binding aspect of the culture. As a result of that, there is quite a mix of various primate races in the communities. Glydael has the general racial breakdown of: 60% Human, 15% Halfling, 10% Elven, 10% Dwarven, 3% Orcish, 2% Other

Summer Weather Patterns for local Glyndael area – 1d6:
  • 1 – Sunny
  • 2 – Sunny
  • 3 – Partly cloudy, clears in the afternoon
  • 4 – Partly cloudy, 20% chance of sprinkles
  • 5 – Mostly cloudy with fog patches, 40% chance of sprinkles
  • 6 – Other – 1d10
    • 1&2 – Drizzle
    • 3&4 – Thunder and lightning storm
    • 5&6 – Rain
    • 7&8 – Sunny and almost magically perfect day
    • 9 – Tornado close-by, 5% chance of hitting Glyndael
    • 10 – Supernatural effects are occurring: purple sky, unusual winds or clouds, omen type weather, etc


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