Outline Recap 9


Leaving from the Harrison family farm, the party returns to Glyndael. Tre and Corgin take their halfling prisoner to Randal (Tre’s mentor), where the insane prisoner is investigated. Randal discovers that there is damage to the halfling’s brain, sort of like magic worms are eating holes through it. After consideration, it is decided that Randal will take the halfling up to Crystal Bay (the capitol), for private investigation by a community of mages up there.

In order to report the attack on the Harrison family farm, Tre and Corgin then go to see the constable and tell them about the attack on the farm. Captain Bittana meets with them, and they tell her about the attack and the two dead insane halflings. In order to keep quiet about the slightly unlawful investigation by the mages into the insane halflings, they tell her about a third that escaped while they were trying to bring him back to Glyndael. (Note: unlawful, in so much as, that they are not following proper legal procedure by first delivering the attacker to the constable.)

After being paid handsomely for their first contract with the guild (they completed their first 3 assignments), Tre, Corgin, and Barnsely all sign up for another 3-mission contract. That evening, Corgin gambled and won some cash and heard a rumor that a mysterious person has been researching demons at the Glyndael library. Tre went out on the town briefly and heard a rumor that Duke O’Neill is not mortal and will be attending the festival.


People from all over fill the streets and the festival grounds. Huge hair pieces flowing on the tops of tall, thin graceful humans in brightly colored dresses hark from the Barony of Trivance, a group of islands northeast of Crystal Bay. The Red and black military-looking uniforms of the people from Rangton City, the capitol of the Southern Realm, are sprinkled throughout. Fellow nationals from Gerry’s Landing in the swamps walk around with their lizardman companions, while the orcs of the plains and the halflings from the river communities engage in heated gambling and storytelling sessions. Even a gladiator from Rinnah Isle has been seen. And those are only the ones that the characters can identify. So many different peoples.


Tre attends the opening ceremony. The mayor speaks, followed by a dry, uptight Sir Stefir, Baron of the region of Glyndael. Then Duke Ratch O’Neill takes the stage. The crowd’s din lowers to a whisper, as he begins to speak and to everyone’s amazement, it sounds like he is standing intimately close to everyone in the vicinity. Magic energy seems to radiate from the Duke. He suddenly looks into the crowd, and exits quickly. The ceremony is over.

Tre then seeks out a mage to teach her a spell. She agrees to work with the orc mage, Krin, (who has “natural magic ability”) that she has run into multiple times in the past in order for chance to learn new spell. They will meet for several evenings in a row.

She then shops for magic items. Eventually, she finds a vendor with 3 rings: 1 is bunk, 1 makes you unnoticeable for 30 seconds, one has magic defenses, but she doesn’t trust vendor.


Corgin approaches a stranger in order to make a new friend. He selects a large man named Tom, from the swamp village Gerry’s Landing, and his lizardman on a leash. Tom is looking for a vendor or distributor to sell his fine lotion products, made from the best of swamp materials! Corgin takes him and introduces him to a local Glyndael merchant.

Corgin went shopping and looking for Jeb, the puppetman. After much deliberation, he purchased a large statue of “local hero Orin” for JC. It is JC’s uncle, after all. Corgin never found Jeb.


Barnsely sleeps in for much of the morning, then goes shopping for a few things and purchases a set of binoculars.


The two of them meet up to go investigate the rumor of the person researching demons at the library. Before they get there, they see the “evil twin” Marla and Sythe walking down a festival path. They give chase, but loose them in the crowd, Corgin even fell off a large pole trying to see them. As they make their way towards the library, they see Dylan, but when they approach him, he denies his identity and backs away and runs off into the crowd. They report the information to Ory’Ony from the guild and she seems very concerned.

When they get to the library, there are three patrons there: a local history buff (a geeky-sexy androgynous half-elf) named Jan; Foreno, an attractive elven textile merchant from Crystal Bay, who loves poetry; and a woman from the southern realm, who Jan reveals has been reading books on demons. They pretend to be from a school, selling candies, in order to make acquaintances. That is how they interact with Foreno, when he asks Tre out for dinner that night. He is very sexy. She agrees.


The first round of competitions at the Festival begin! Barnsely competes in the archery games and just barely advances to the next round. Corgin stumbles briefly, but moves on to the next round of “obstacle course” games. The next rounds won’t be until the next day.

Tre goes to dinner with the poetry-lover from the library, Foreno. She is charmed by him and enjoys her meal, but has to go meet with her new orc mage trainer Krin at a bar, so she leaves a bit early.

Barnesly and Corgin group up with the other competitors and go for drinks. While there, Corgin sees “evil” Marla walk by the open bar door, and runs out in pursuit of her. Barnsley sees Corgin’s exit and follows as well. They see her on the street and she has all-black eyes, confirming that it really is the Marla-evil-twin. She enters an inn and they follow her inside, until they are down a corridor, outside of a room door. Inside they hear the “evil” Marla and Tre having heated argument about attacking sooner versus later. Barnsely and Corgin leave the inn and report the location of the “twins” to the Guild.

Session ends.

Outline Recap 9

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