Sprinkled with homebrew flavor, this original fantasy campaign primarily uses the Hackmaster Basic rules set. Grand tales of thrilling adventure and mighty victories fill the night air, along with the occasional snicker or guffaw, as the path of danger becomes more complex and ever more tempting. The heroes are trying to survive and hoping against hope to succeed. But succeed in what, exactly?

Everything has a beginning . . .

Glyndael is a bustling trading and agriculture town, due in part to being at a major crossroads only one day’s ride (or two for caravans) from the massive seaport capitol Crystal Bay, a sprawling metropolis.

Each generation has seen a special group of young Glyndaelites pulled magnetically together to face threats both great and small. There exists a theory that undefined powerful magics are behind the cyclical rise of heroes from this relatively unassuming town.

Seventy-five years (three generations) ago, one such party of brave heroes began their journey to greatness on the streets of Glyndael, and carved a path of such might and magnitude that the history of nations were forever changed.

That was then. Things have been silent and, according to some, rather dull for a very long time. Some wonder if the times of epic heroes are fading into the obscurity of local tales told next to the crackling fires to inspire imaginations.

There has been a growing sense of unease in the air. Something undefinable, yet primal. Things are afoot. A few individuals have begun to wonder if it is the time when the next group of talented youth bind together in adventure, becoming a near unstoppable force. And if they do, will it be for the best?

Glyndael Chronicles (HackMB)

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